Where to Watch Marcel The Shell With Shoes On: Is It Streaming?

The star of the short film Marcel the Shell of the viral shorts “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On” embarks on a feature film journey.

Comedian Jenny Slate, screenwriter Dean Fleischer-Camp and screenwriter Nick Paley come together to further explore Marcel’s story. The next A24 film, “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On” was developed after two short films of the same name, created by Slate, Fleischer-Camp, Paley and producer Elisabeth Holm, in 2010.

More than a decade later, the trio has developed Marcel’s background story in this feature film. The “beloved character” Marcel, with Slate’s voice, embarks on a journey to find his missing family. The trio of screenwriters maintains the peculiarity and kind behavior of Marcel through the highly anticipated documentary in stop-motion.

But how exactly can the public see Marcel the Shell’s journey?

Is “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” in theaters or streaming?

“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” premieres exclusively in theaters on Friday, June 17, so the only way to see it on the premiere weekend is in a movie theater. A streaming release date has not yet been set.

A24 distributes the film and after the dealer’s exclusive exit agreement with Showtime, agreeing to broadcast all A24 films exclusively on Showtime. This deal includes A24 films that will be released until November 1, 2022 and will then be available on Showtime, either on air, on demand or online.

A24’s shifting distribution decisions (see “Everything Everywhere, All at Once” in theaters and streaming release) could delay the VOD and streaming releases of “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”. It’s safe to assume, for now, that “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” will be available for rent around August 1st and will finally be able to air on Showtime.

Who’s in the cast of “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On”?

Comedian Jenny Slate has once again voiced Marcel. Slate collaborated with Dean Fleischer-Camp on the YouTube short films, and the two met with Nick Paley to co-write the screenplay for the feature film; along with Slate, Fleischer-Camp appears in the film, but like himself. Fleischer-Camp is not the only figure portrayed in the film, other famous pop culture figures help Marcel on his journey, such as Lesley Stahl, Conan O’Brien and Brian Williams. The cast also includes Jessi Klein (“Big Mouth”), Isabella Rossellini (“Death Becomes Her”), Andy Richter (“Conan”), Nathan Fielder (“Nathan For You”), Rosa Salazar (“American Horror Story: Murder “). House “), Thomas Mann (” Halloween Kills “) and Peter Bonerz.

What is “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On” about?

Slate’s famous shell, Marcel, is a sweet one-inch-tall shell that lives with her grandmother Connie and her fluff, Alan. Marcel and Connie were part of a large shell community, but after a mysterious tragedy, the grandmother and grandson live alone. While Marcel is still living at home, a documentary filmmaker comes to live on Airbnb and creates a short film drawing millions of passionate fans. Marcel and the documentary filmmaker work together to find Marcel’s lost family.

Watch the trailer for “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.”

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