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What Did Lady Gaga and Barack Obama Casually Chat About at the Inauguration?

Lady Gaga and also Barack Obama put their relationship on full screen at the governmental commencement on Wednesday, as well as it was the cherry on the top for a currently successful day. Shortly after Lady Gaga belted out the nationwide anthem in front of the crowd collected at the Capitol, she went across courses with the former president, as well as they promptly caught up like old friends. NBD, simply two legends being legends together.

While busily speaking each various other’s ears off, Lady Gaga affectionately clutched Barack’s wrist, he put his arm on her shoulder like a true papa, and they ultimately embraced in a reassuring hug listened to ’round the globe. (Envious!) Their close partnership needs to barely come as a surprise– besides, Gaga has actually been an avid advocate of Joe Biden with the years, functioning carefully with him to spread the word regarding protecting against sex-related assault during the Obama administration and even signing up with Joe on the campaign trail leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Lady Gaga and also Barack’s sweet Inauguration Day communication left numerous audiences with one large question: what on the planet were those two speaking about? Since the two stars, unfortunately, weren’t picked up, we can not tell you for certain, yet we can share our theories on the comments as well as questions they might have traded during the brief yet oh-so-sweet encounter. See how their discussion might have played out ahead.

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