U.S. Women Urged To Remove Menstrual Monitoring Apps After Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

The statement, which was retweeted more than 100,000 times, caused panic among women.

One person commented on the post to provide some context, saying, “In view of Roe vs. Wade’s annulment, data from period tracking apps can be used to support allegations of abortion highlighting periods of irregularity.

“I don’t get into politics and frankly I’m not well informed, but that’s a terrifying precedent.”

Another person said, “It’s 2022, tons of American women had to re-track their periods using a paper calendar. That’s surreal.”

While a third person wrote, “It’s amazing that this is where we are today as a nation. But this is where we are today as a nation.

“This is not a joke.”

As fear boils over the Internet, the European Clue period tracking app, which has more than 12 million customers, stated it would not disclose its users ’private information under European law.

“Because we are based in Berlin, as a European country, Clue is bound by European law (the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) to apply special protections to the reproductive health data of our users. We will not disclose it. We will defend our users “, they said.

Another period tracking app, Stardust, which combines menstruation with the movements of our moon and planets (yes, really), also stated this in a TikTok video: “In view of recent news about Roe v. Wade, we want to make our commitment clear to you.

“We are one owned by women application based on the belief in freedom of choice and freedom of privacy.

“We do not sell data. We have never sold data. We will never sell data. ”

Stardust also claimed it was the first period tracking application to offer from end to end encryption, which ensures that information is not viewed elsewhere.

Thirteen states, including Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, have already passed named “trigger laws” to prohibit abortion that came into force automatically after the annulment.

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