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The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions

#1 Grand Canyon National Park (United States)

The Grand Canyon

The American Grand Canyon is a world-famous natural wonder. It is located on the Kaibab Plateau in the northwestern part of Western Arizona. It covers an area of 2724.7 square kilometers. Because the Colorado River flows through it, it is also known as the Colorado Grand Canyon. It is one of UNESCO’s protected natural heritage.

#2 Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Great Barrier Reef

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There is one of the largest and longest coral reefs in the world. It is the famous Great Barrier Reef, which winds through the east coast of Australia. It is 2011 kilometers long and 161 kilometers wide at its widest point. The southern end is farthest away from the coast by 241 kilometers. The northern end is only 16 kilometers away from the coast. At low tide, part of the coral reef emerges from the water to form corals.

#3 Florida (United States)


The most beautiful Palm Beach in Florida is one of the world’s famous tourist paradise. Suitable climate, beautiful beaches, exquisite food, art exhibitions, and theatrical performances, even the most discerning tourists can come home with satisfaction at Palm Beach.

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Every April, Palm Beach’s art activities are the most colorful, including various beach craft exhibitions. Among them, the Palm Beach Jazz Festival, which was launched on April 4th, won art lovers with the most outstanding jazz music in the United States.


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